Established in 2011, Boston Champions focuses on new venture development, project planning and implementation, fundraising and related due diligence, operations management, strategy and operations management consulting opportunities in the mining, infrastructure development, real estate, and other sectors of the Mongolian economy.

Our vision is to make a notable contribution to Mongolia’s development and prosperity as a global economic player, and as a country in general.

Our core values are simple:

  • Success in any business should not be measured by financial accomplishments alone. We all should strive to leave behind a better society and land for our children and grandchildren. Social and Community Benefits are very much in the focus of our activities.
  • Long lasting success can only be achieved if and when all stakeholders are happy: our employees, our customers, our business partners… We believe in building long-term mutually beneficial relationships: with our employees, our customers, our business partners, and our shareholders. Life is just too short to live otherwise.
  • As our slogan indicates, we believe in constant and continuous innovation. Whether it’s ideas, strategy, or methodologies, we try to keep it as an ongoing improvement process.

Management team

Booway Balhaajav Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Boston Champions, Booway was President and CEO of Naran Group, a Top-25 corporation in Mongolia and a 20+ years old retail giant comprising 14 companies and 900+ staff, importing over 70 top global brands, such as BMW, SONY, Samsung, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, OMEGA, Swatch, Kraft Foods, Timberland, and many others. While at Naran, Booway increased the company’s revenue by 52%, and brought in quite a few new global brands into the company’s portfolio.

He is a Business Leader and CEO with 25 years of strategy and operations management experience in business and government, including 18 years of leadership and management experience in management consulting, financial services, consumer goods & services, entrepreneurship, construction and real estate, mining and other industries. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, financial analysis, operations management, operations turn-around, new product development and launch, business development and growth.

Mr. Balhaajav also serves as a BOD member at a number of corporations and non-profit organizations. Booway holds an MBA from Harvard Business School (1997) and MA Linguistics from Moscow Linguistics University.

Robert Lee, Project Manager

Mr. Lee brings in over 30 years experience in consulting and startups in mortgage finance, land development, construction, IT and other fields. A Fairfax, VA (USA) native, Mr. Lee has spent the last 7 years in Mongolia, consulting and advising various domestic and foreign invested companies in Mongolia. Before pursuing opportunities in Mongolia, Robert owned and operated a number of companies in Construction Management, Real Estate, Land Development, and Mortgage finance fields in the state of Maryland, USA. His company, in collaboration with multiple Wall Street partners, had structured and issued MBS and ABS portfolios with annual turnover of USD 1 Billion.

His areas of expertise include business development, strategic planning, financial structuring, and operations management. In addition to his professional duties, Mr. Lee also serves as the Country Director for Sandong International, UN registered Korean NGO, working on establishing kindergartens in remote suburbs of Ulaanbaatar city and several other NGO projects. Robert holds a BA degree from Iowa State University (Iowa, USA).

Tsogtsaihan Purevjav, Senior Consultant

Mr. Tsogtsaikhan has over 25 years of experience in business development consultancy, project management and daily operations management of SME, as well as managing external (international) relations for a number of semi-Governmental entities and businesses in trading, manufacturing, construction, real estate, housing development, ICT, and travel and leisure industries. Prior to Boston Champions, Tsogtsaikhan (Tsogto) was a Project Consultant for EHBUT LLC, the leading national provider of construction and real estate management of power transmission facilities’, and manufacturing of related building materials. He helped EHBUT management with developing their sales and operational strategies in light of the intensifying decline in the real estate and energy construction sectors. Earlier, Tsogtsaihan was Managing Director of Kozmo Trade, one of the leading retail companies in the country.

His areas of expertise are business and project planning, development and administration; market research and analysis; sales and logistics management, HR management; PR and foreign relations management. Mr. Tsogtsaikhan holds a MBA in International Commerce from Economic University of Prague, Czech Republic (1987).

Yalguusan Khurts, Manager

Yalguusan grew up and lived in Japan for 12+ years, before returning to Mongolia in 2009 to start his business career. Prior to joining Boston Champions, Mr. Y. Khurts had founded several Mongolian-Japanese startup joint ventures. He received his BA in computer programming from the Mongolian Cultural University, and an Associate degree in service management from the Tokyo Hotel Business College. Yalguusan is fluent in Japanese and English. During his free time, he is an avid fisherman and hunting and outdoors lifestyle fan.

Yoshikawa Minoru Senior Consultant and Representative in Japan

Mr. Y. Minoru brings over 15 years of experience in business, economics, and government. Starting his career as a Japanese Embassy officer in Mongolia, he recognized the tremendous potential for a mutually beneficial cooperation between Mongolia and Japan, and has worked tirelessly to realize and contribute to it. His extensive executive network in Japan and other countries, his academic experience as Professor of Economics at a number of Japanese colleges and universities, along with his business experience, make him an invaluable asset to our team. Mr. Y. Minoru is an honored representative of the Mongolian National Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Japan. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Daito University, and a MA in International Relations from Tokyo Foreign Language University.

Gankhuyag Minteg (Gangaa) Senior Consultant

Mr. M.Gankhuayg has accumulated vast experience of leading a diversity of government procurement, mega-construction, property management, international development and other projects during his 25+ years of successful business and government career. Prior to recently managing an international development project in the Middle East, Mr. Gankhuyag was in charge of several major construction projects in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, including the Golomt Residential complex, Embassy of Japan, and others. Gangaa started his career in the government diplomatic services and holds a JD degree from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (the leading diplomacy school in Russia).